I’m blogging about this bc this is a huge issue for me!! I do the treadmill everyday ,Zumba at home most everyday,and Zumba classes 2x a week!! I don’t eat the greatest but not the worst either!!…However…I DO love food!!!!lol I lose a few,gain them right back,and on and on and on!! I’m sick of it! My metabolism must be HORRIBLE!!!! and…I’m 32 almost 33 so that doesn’t help either. I don’t want to be a stick..just proportioned.Ok,I’m going to blame my four kiddos and 4 c-sections for that one! ;)OH,and I can’t forget the hubby thats picky!!He’s passed that on to the kids and its like we have the same suppers over and over!! I didn’t realize how over weight I really was until I saw pictures(which I have very few of myself!)! Isn’t that the way it always is? Those pictures will def get ya and show every pound! I’m sure no one cares but like I said,thats what is on my mind :)Feel free to post if you feel my pain 😀


First Post..A Little About Me….

My name is Stephanie.I’m a married stay at home mommy to four beautiful children ages,10,7,3,and 2.My kids are my life as they are to most parents:) I enjoy Zumba, which I just recently started,the mountains,the beach,photography,fall, spring,and….PINTEREST!!!! I want to start blogging for myself just for fun and for anybody else that wants to read about my little moments in my life :)Here I am a few years ago…